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GT06 is a hi-tech GPS tracker based on the GSM / GPRS network and GPS. It integrates intelligent positioning, real-time tracking, track playback, vibration alarm, power cut-off alarm, remote voice monitoring, cut-off power supply and fuel, SOS alarm, low battery alarm, Overspeed alarm, Geo-fence etc. It applies to any vehicles.

GT06 with car


Main Features:

  1. GSM Quad-band girdles the globe
  2. High sensitive GPS chip (from USA)
  3. High integration density of waterproof design
  4. Three special numbers for SOS alarm and burglar alarm
  5. Built-in high sensitive GPS antenna, extra strong receptivity
  6. Support ACC detection, to upload status of vehicle operation
  7. Built-in backup battery to perform alarm when wire is cut illegally
  8. Be able to external connect microphone to perform voice monitor
  9. Be able to external connect SOS alarm button for emergency call
  10. Built-in ON/OFF power, super-wide voltage input range(9-36V DC)
  11. Built-in vibration sensor, perform vehicle intelligent robbery protection
  12. The only one global vehicle device built in double antenna (GSM+GPS)
  13. Compatible with external connection of device serial port communication
  14. Be able to external connect a relay, remote control the vehicle fuel and electricity

GT06 Features

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3 Simple Steps to Affordable GPS Tracking

Get a SIM Card

You'll need a Wireless Machine to Machine SIM Card to use with your unit. These are available from your local Telstra or Vodafone store.

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Install GPS Unit

Follow the simple instructions to insert your SIM card and then position and install your device in a secure location for the best possible reception.

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Login to Track

Simply login with your Account number and Password to start tracking your device. Keep track of your device from anywhere.

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