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GT02A is a new product based on the GSM, GPRS network and GPS, which combines many functions in one. It can position and track remote target by SMS or internet. This device with smart and fashionable design, its outward appearance is exquisite, easy to install (just connect the anode and cathode) and operate.

GT02A in hands

GT02A with car

Main Specifications:

  • Weight : 45g
  • GPS Channels : 20
  • Voltage range:9-50V DC
  • Tracking sensitivity : - 159dBm
  • Acquisition sensitivity : - 144dBm
  • Positioning accuracy:10M(2 DRM)
  • Storage humidity : 30% to 90%RH
  • Operating humidity : 45% to 80%RH
  • GSM : 900/1800Mhz or 850/1900Mhz
  • GPS Module : SiRF Star III (From USA)
  • Dimensions : 90.0( L)X45.0(W)X13.6(H)mm
  • GPRS : Class12, TCP/IP built-in GSM Module
  • Storage temperature:-30 centidegree to +85 centidegree 6
  • Operating temperature:-25 centidegree to +80 centidegree
  • Locating time cost:
    Hot start: <2sec (Open Sky)
    Warm start: <15 sec
    Cold start: <38 sec (Open Sky)
  • Three LED indicator:GPS-blue,GSM-green,Power-red
  • Working current: approximate 22mA(12V), approximate 12mA(24V)
  • Antenna:Built-in GSM,GPS antenna with low noise & high gain(from USA)

Main Features:

  1. Intelligent positioning,real-time tracking
  2. Maintenance-free ,the fault recovery automatically
  3. Colorful LED indicates charging and working status
  4. To prevent static drift,track and position more precisely
  5. Commands & location informations are received by SMS
  6. Mileage statistics:According to day,week,month mileage
  7. Two power input approaches: car-specific joint or car battery
  8. Ultra-low consumption,when it's quiescency, its working current is only 9mA
  9. The device will automatically switch to power save mode when it's unmovable
  10. Super-thin,dustproof design,easily install and hidden,receiving signals strongly
  11. You can modify the operating mode via SMS,four operating modes are optional
  12. GPS positioning approaches: one-off locating, timing and continuous positioning
  13. Built-in ON/OFF power, super-wide voltage range(9-50V DC),apply for all vehicles
  14. Track playback: the speed trajectory color-coded to show stop,display track mileage
  15. No need to press the power button,it can work automatically after you install the battery
  16. Upload real time positioning&tracking data, create positioning and tracking records automatically
  17. Password settings: only those who have the password can modify the locator parameters,this provides more security

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3 Simple Steps to Affordable GPS Tracking

Get a SIM Card

You'll need a Wireless Machine to Machine SIM Card to use with your unit. These are available from your local Telstra or Vodafone store.

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Install GPS Unit

Follow the simple instructions to insert your SIM card and then position and install your device in a secure location for the best possible reception.

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Login to Track

Simply login with your Account number and Password to start tracking your device. Keep track of your device from anywhere.

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