Get a SIM

We recommend visiting your local Telstra or Vodafone store and obtaining a Wireless Machine To Machine SIM Card.

The $7.00 month to month plan is the most commonly used by our customers, which allows for a massive 10Mb of data.

When obtaining your SIM Card, ensure the following:

1) SIM Card is activated

2) There is no SIM PIN active (To make sure, insert SIM in standard phone then adjust security settings to "Turn OFF SIM PIN")

3) Know your SIM Phone number (eg. 0425 123 456)

4) Know your SIM APN (Telstra is typically telstra.internet)(Vodafone is normally

Example of Telstra's SIM Plans:

Wireless Machine To Machine (M2M)

Data Plan Monthly
Access Fee

Monthly Included
Eligible Data Allowance*

Excess usage
(per MB)

Contract Term


1 MB


Month to Month


3 MB


Month to Month


5 MB


Month to Month


10 MB


Month to Month


150 MB


Month to Month


300 MB


Month to Month


1 GB


Month to Month


3 GB


Month to Month


7 GB


Month to Month


12 GB


Month to Month


20 GB


Month to Month

When calculating data volumes:

  1. a.Where the volume of data transferred is not a whole number of kilobytes, it is rounded up to the next kilobyte at the earlier end of each session or 24 hours; and
  2. b.1024 bytes 1 kilobyte (KB) and 1024 kilobytes – 1 megabyte (MB)

3 Simple Steps to Affordable GPS Tracking

Get a SIM Card

You'll need a Wireless Machine to Machine SIM Card to use with your unit. These are available from your local Telstra or Vodafone store.

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Install GPS Unit

Follow the simple instructions to insert your SIM card and then position and install your device in a secure location for the best possible reception.

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Login to Track

Simply login with your Account number and Password to start tracking your device. Keep track of your device from anywhere.

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