About Us

GPSmart is committed to providing affordable GPS Tracking solutions to businesses and the general public.

In the past, GPS tracking has had a restricted availability to the corporate world.

GPSmart provides the general consumer with a superior software platform with no ongoing fees.

Where the consumer saves money is because GPSmart gives them the opportunity to obtain their sim card through their own provider.

GPSmart gives the consumer the option to self-install the device.

3 Simple Steps to Affordable GPS Tracking

Get a SIM Card

You'll need a Wireless Machine to Machine SIM Card to use with your unit. These are available from your local Telstra or Vodafone store.

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Install GPS Unit

Follow the simple instructions to insert your SIM card and then position and install your device in a secure location for the best possible reception.

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Login to Track

Simply login with your Account number and Password to start tracking your device. Keep track of your device from anywhere.

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Monitor your Car, Truck, Motorbike or Whole Fleet!